Sandwich Ropewalk

This canal type venue is owned by Sandwich Town council and is available to Mid Kent Fisheries members and residents of Sandwich Parish. The residents are issued tickets by the Parish council with fishing is from the town bank only. There is a towpath which runs parallel with the water making access easy for disabled anglers. There is a large car park directly behind the Town Hall which leads directly onto the towpath.

There is a very good stock of carp in the canal with weights reaching into double figures although the average weight would be 5-6lb. There is also a good stock of roach and rudd. The venue is great for a fun days fishing and a fantastic venue for teaching children to fish.

Sandwich rope walk remembers the great maritime heritage of the town which was once the largest port in England. The rope walk was where the ropes for the ships were made. The Butts, on around the walls clockwise was where the bowmen practised their archery.

What were the walls and moat – where you are fishing – of Sandwich was transformed into this layout in preparation for the visit of Queen Elizabeth, the first one!


Fish stock – Carp: 20lbs Roach/Rudd: 3lbs Pearch: 3lb


Address: 28 Moat Sole Sandwich Ct13 9


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