Chartham Lake

Chartham Lake is an all round fishery, it has a large head of Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd and Pike. Following a stocking of Carp, some beautiful English scaled mirrors and commons can be caught. This is a great lake for the general coarse angler and one of the newest lakes to our portfolio. A… Read More

Conningbrook Lake

Conningbrook was dug out in the early eighties, the original strain of fish came from the waters we have in Faversham (wood pool and mill pool). Although this is a very hard water with approximately 30 known Carp present, the sheer size of these fish is exceptional. The anglers who fish this water on a… Read More

Devils Lane Lake

This gorgeous mature 15 acer lake is ideal for the all round angler. It holds carp to mid 30’s, both tench and bream to double figures, and excellent roach and rudd fishing. The lake saw the arrival of over 100 carp which we stocked a few years ago, making this venue one for the future…. Read More

Littleton North Lake

Littleton North lake is very different as chalk and cheese to Littleton South although the two lakes are joined. This lake is slowly being backfilled therefore the colour of the water is very sandy. It again holds some very big specimen fish of all species. Many Carp to mid 30’s I am told, but location is… Read More

Littleton South Lake

Next to and joined to Littleton North in Staines, this venue also holds some very big Bream and Tench possibly of record size. There are two parking areas one being on the river bank and one on the far side. Little South is very deep in parts and normally gin clear. Huge weed beds come up around… Read More

Lydd Complex (syndicate)

Dug in the 1990s Mid Kent Fisheries Limited took over the fishing rights to the three lakes  in 2005. These virgin lakes held no known stocks other than a few fish bred from the wild. Therefore it was a golden opportunity to stock some really nice Carp into the lakes. Main Lake: this venue is 12 acres… Read More

Mill Pool

The Mill Pool, Faverham, is a mature gravel pit, dug in the late 1960s, provides good all round fishing with multiple 35lb Carp captures possible and good Bream, Tench and Roach fishing. I’m sure you all know the famous Two Tone, which was the British record, originally came from this venue. This venue is slightly harder compared to… Read More

Milton Handle Lake

The Handle Lake is one of my favourite venues we have to offer. Great for every type of fisherman. We have carp to high 30’s, pushing the 40lb mark, Tench well into double figures, pushing 12lbs, Bream around the 17lbs mark and Pike pushing mid 20’s. Pleasure anglers find them selves bagging 100lbs+ of fish in… Read More

Milton Lake

Milton Lake is an all round fishery it has a large head of Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd and Pike. Following a stocking of Carp, some beautiful English scaled mirrors and commons to 30lb +  can be caught. This is a great lake for the general coarse angler and one of the newest lakes to… Read More

Milton Pan Lake (syndicate)

The Pan Lake is one of our prized waters. Dug in the 1970s, this stunning 12 acre mature gravel pit is home to some of the biggest specimen fish we have at MKF. Each fish in this lake has real character, one of which is a beast of a common, named Swirly, which is an upper 40lb… Read More

River Thames at Sonning

For all the river anglers out there, we have over a mile, of the Thames at Sonning, down stream of the French Horn where there is car parking. It is a lovely bit of water that is surprisingly under fished. There have been 14lb+ Barbel and 7lb+ Chub, caught from this stretch, along with 6lb+… Read More

Royal Military Canal- 3 sections

Royal Military Canal We have 3 sections of the Royal Military Canal which makes for up to 7 miles of fishing Appledore to Kenardington Please note there is a closed season on this stretch. 300 metres towards Iden Lock from Appledore and approx. 2 miles to Kenardington.  Directions To get to Kenardington from Appledore, follow road… Read More

Sandwich Ropewalk

This canal type venue is owned by Sandwich Town council and is available to Mid Kent Fisheries members and residents of Sandwich Parish. The residents are issued tickets by the Parish council with fishing is from the town bank only. There is a towpath which runs parallel with the water making access easy for disabled anglers…. Read More

Swan Lake (syndicate)

Set in an idyllic location, Swan Lake is exceeding all our expectations with multiple captures of 30lb+ fish. This venue is home to another famous mirror, named Rasta. It’s been known to hit the 43lb mark, which is just one of the 40’s in the lake and is certainly not the biggest fish in the… Read More

Tonford Lake (syndicate)

Tonford Lake is one of the most prolific venues in the country. Holding some of the most stunning carp you are likely to find in the UK. The venue is home to a stunning mid forty fully scaled mirror, which is believed to be the largest fully scaled mirror in the UK currently. Tonford recently… Read More

Westbere Lake

We believe this 110 acre lake to be one of the premier fisheries in the South East with huge bags of bream and tench to double figures, roach to 3lb together with excellent pike fishing to 30lb. The Carp are now over 40lb the 2012/13 lake record was 42lb. There is a good head of… Read More

Wood Pool

Wood Pool, Faverham, is the easier of the two lakes with lots of double figure carp plus good numbers of twenties. It has a good stock of bream to double figures and number of high single tench. It is an ideal venue for both the general course angler, and carp angler. The wood pool is a… Read More