The hard work pays off!

I opted to  start my season on the Milton Handle lake, a venue which I have always wanted to get my teeth into.  Although I work for MKF, my fishing time is very limited,  I tend to do mid week sessions, which last no more than 16 hours at a time.  My first 10 nights on this mysterious venue resulted in blanks,  not the best start!  However I did eventually start to get into the fish,  catching double-figure carp and good sized tench.


On my fifteenth night I managed to wangle this stunning 27lb common at 10pm, a good start to my quick overnighter!  I  went on that night to catch another stunning 19lb common and a 7 1/2lb tench, a successful nights fishing in my books!


I am a big believer in keeping things simple and using methods which you are confident in.  I started applying the Chemo chilli hemp, sweetcorn and 12m Chemo Baits boilie into a swim which I found was being neglected whilst I bailiffed the lake.  I have 100% confidence in the bait which I use,  i’ve been using Chemo Baits for six years now and I’ve caulght most of my UK and French fish on it.  I know the carp love the bait, so I have no issue in really “filling it in” each time I get down the pond.

Due to work commitments I haven’t managed a night down the Handle for around a month now. However, each time I’ve been down bailiffing, I have introduced around 3kg of my chosen bait on to the areas which I’m concentrating on.  I think this is really going to give me the edge when I do manage to squeeze a session in this winter !