Thank you for bearing with us over the last few days whilst we analysed the new guidelines that we issued by the Government on Sunday evening. We have had extensive discussions with various parties and are now confidently able to issue the following statement:

In light of the new guidelines that have been issued relating to exercise and include permitting fishing again, we will be re-opening all lakes for anglers, effective from 2PM WEDNESDAY May 2020

Although the Government Guidelines permitted fishing to recommence from Wednesday 13th May 2020 we still have work to do to ready the lakes for you all in line with the Guidelines such as installing new signage and communicating with our landlords.

Please don’t make any plans to travel to the lakes to fish before 2PM WEDNESDAY 20TH MAY as you will be asked to leave.

We are all aware that fishing as an activity is a sport where self-isolation occurs naturally, and it has proven benefits for mental health and well-being. The layout of our lakes and the placement of swims on the majority of our waters are already spaced out sufficiently to allow anglers to practice the Social Distancing guidelines that have been set by the Government. In order to operate within the Governments Guidelines, we are putting in place a number of temporary rules that are designed to make health and safety a top priority for all members and staff on our Fishery.

These new rules will be under constant review and will run conjunction with our existing General Rules and Bylaws, and in addition to the Governments Guidelines. We require all members to adhere to the following additional rules with immediate effect:

1.Do not visit the fishery under any circumstances if you or any of your household are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Please stay at home and follow the Government Guidelines on self-isolation.

2. All members and staff must stay a minimum of 2m away from each other at all times. This is more than the recommended distance that has been set by the Government, but we feel that this is a necessary precaution maximise the safety of all members and staff, but still permits our Bailiffs to carry out their duties.

3. Fishing is only permitted on a solitary basis. Until further notice no non-member visitors are permitted, this includes members of your household. We anticipate that the lakes will be very busy when we re-open and allowing non-member visitors would only complicate the situation and make social distancing more difficult.

4. All members and staff MUST wear gloves when handling locks, gates, signing in sheds and handles etc. Disposable gloves are recommended, and we advise all members to use and carry hand gel at all times and you must have your own pen to sign in. Everyone has an individual responsibility to protect the health of other members and our staff and must practice good hygiene at all times whilst visiting the fishery.

5. Fishing sessions are to be temporarily restricted to a maximum of 24hrs, with a minimum break of 48hrs off between sessions across all waters. As mentioned above, we anticipate that we will be very busy when we re-open and this temporary measure will help to ensure all members get an equal chance to fish.

6. We will not be accepting any new holiday bookings until the normal standard fishing session of 48hrs is reinstated.

7. All on site toilets will be closed until further notice. The company that supplies our portable toilets have been unable to continue to maintain or clean the facilities that are on-site during lockdown due to the restrictions. Please ensure you use your own portable facilities i.e. a bucket and you must take all waste and rubbish home with you to dispose of safely.

8. Any member that is caught not abiding by these rules in addition to the Government Guidelines, will face a ban from all lakes for a MINIMUM TERM OF EIGHT WEEKS.

We all need to act responsibly and look out for each other’s health, safety and welfare. We all have a part to play to ensure fishing can continue in a safe environment.

Please can everyone bear in mind that spawning season is upon us and if we notice any activity on any of our lakes, we will temporarily close the affected lake until they have finished as we always do. As usual fish care is absolutely paramount to us and we ask for your co-operation understanding.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continued support during these unprecedented times and we look forward to moving forward and having a successful and safe season. A huge thank you also goes out to all the members of our Fishery Team for all their hard work and dedication, continuing to maintain and protect our lakes and our fish stock during our closure at all hours of the day.

Thank you.