Due to the current situation our office is closed. The phones are still being answered and messages retuned and the emails are being answered. If you want to renew your membership or join please post in your applications and they will be processed as normal and returned. 

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Syndicates – 

Lydd: £750 (waiting list)
Swan & Tonford: £750 (waiting list)
Milton Pan: £700 (pan members can fish the Handle from 1st October-31st March – waiting list)

If you would like to be added to any of the waiting lists, please email your details to info@midkentfisheries.co.uk

Keys required for all syndicate waters- £20 deposit per key.


Gold Ticket – Available.

Gold Ticket is £360. The Gold Ticket covers 13 waters:

Mill Pool/ Wood Pool/ Scout Hut Lake/ Bird Lake/ Westbere/ Handle Lake/ Milton Lake/ Chartham Lake/ Conningbrook/ Bungalow Lake at Lydd, Front Lake at Lydd (by appointment)/ River Thames at Sonning/ 3 sections of the Royal Military Canal.

Members under the age of 16 – Gold Ticket £100! (must provide ID with date of birth)

All Gold ticket waters are on 1 key with the exception of Westbere and the complex (bird lake/scout hut lake)- £20 per key. 

Faversham Ticket- Full

This ticket gives you the choice of four lakes, Scout Hut Lake, Bird Lake, Mill Pool and Wood Pool. All lakes are within a 1-mile radios, it takes under 4 minutes to drive to each one. This membership is £300 per season, you will require two keys for these lakes.

Individual lakes and complex tickets- Limited availability 

There will be no price increase for the individual tickets for 2021/2022 season. The Royal Military Canal has been added to every ticket, giving you an extra water on your membership.

Westbere: £250      
Conningbrook: full
Handle, Milton Lake & Chartham Lake: full
Scout Hut Lake & Bird Lake: full
Wood Pool & Mill Pool: full
Royal Military Canal: £100 –  

Keys required for all waters- £20 per key

Joining instructions:

Please download the membership form and send it in with 2 passport photos and a stamped self addressed envelope You can pay by cash, cheque, debit card, credit card,  Direct debit is available for the syndicate tickets and Gold ticket but only if you are joining in April.  If paying by card please indicate on the form and we will contact you to take payment over the phone. DO NOT SEND CARD DETAILS. If you wish to pay by cash please call the office beforehand. 01227 730668.

Cheques payable to- Mid Kent Fisheries

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