Lydd Complex

Dug in the 1990s Mid Kent Fisheries Limited took over the fishing rights to the three lakes  in 2005. These virgin lakes held no known stocks other than a few fish bred from the wild. Therefore it was a golden opportunity to stock some really nice Carp into the lakes.

Main Lake: Syndicate – this venue is 12 acres in size averaging in depth from around 12 to 13 feet deep. There are around 250 to 300 carp currently present, two fish hitting the 40lbs mark, three going well into 40lbs, one hitting the 50lb mark! There are roughly 15 30lb carp, with a big head of 20’s,  if you are a big carp hunter, this is the venue for you. Please contact the office if you would like to be added to the waiting list and you will be contacted when a space becomes available.

Middle lake: this is also known as the stock pond. 2 and a half acres in size, going down to 12 feet deep in places and packed full of naturals, this pond makes the perfect environment to grow the fish on for the complex. All fish under 20lbs which come from the main lake are put in this venue to grow on. Its a good venue for a bite and to learn more about the complex.

End lake: This 4 acer pit is home to around 120 carp, biggest around 25lbs. This venue is very rarely fished, although it has a lot of natural food, without the constant food supply from anglers, the fish are just not hitting their biggest weights. Again, it is great lake for a bite or two, and a good place to learn more about the complex.

The lakes were very fertile with masses of natural life such as shrimp in the water, so we knew the carp would do well and grow very quickly. However, the growth rates have even surprised us. We stocked carp up to 24lbs in 2005 in the main lake and it has already produced four carp over 40lb with the biggest coming in at 49lb. As mentioned, it also has around 15 carp to mid thirties which is amazing in such a short space of time.

As mentioned, we use the middle lake as a stock pond. When we saw the fish in the main lake hitting the 40lbs mark, we made the decision to net it, and remove a lot of fish under the 20lb mark. This allowed the bigger fish to push on, which has proved successful with our biggest carp hitting 49lbs. Even though the main lake is the one to fish for the bigger carp, do not be put off from the other two, they still hold stunning fish, holding the odd surprise to the hard working angler.

We do not have a close season on this venue; however, please expect swim/lake closures while the fish are spawning.  Feel free to contact us before you travel to the lakes to ensure they are open as usual.

Please keep gates locked at all times, this is private property, and is not open to the public. We urge anyone who suspects  suspicious activity to be reported to either a bailiff or Chris (fishery manager).

Please note: these venues tend to be a bit windy in winter, more for the hardy souls at that time of the year! Insure you pack your thermals as im sure you’ll be needing them!

Main lake: Carp: 49lb

Stock pond: Carp 25lbs

End lake: Carp 25lbs







Address: Dennes Lane Lydd TN29 9


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